Eight Tracks

by Ana Balka

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Download the album and get Ana Balka and Dave Felce's blistering version of Whispering Grass (Don't Tell the Trees)!


released June 29, 2014

Ana Balka: voice, violin, guitar, mandolin, organ, violin uke, piano, casio, accordion, recorder, percussion, field recordings

Dave Felce: guitar on Desert and Whispering Grass (Don't Tell the Trees)

Recorded by Ana Balka
Mastered by Jeff Bakos at Bakos Ampworks/Studio, Atlanta GA
Album art by Sharon Lacey at sharonlacey.com
Music by Ana Balka except Whispering Grass (Don't Tell the Trees), by Fred Fisher and Doris Fisher, publishers Sony/ATV and EMI



all rights reserved


Ana Balka Kiln, Mississippi

Ana Balka is a multi-instrumentalist/ songwriter in Kiln, MS. Formerly of Ballien Rennan, The White Lights, JJ and the Hustlers, Lowlife Quartet, Superstar Pillowfight. Photo: Kat West.

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Track Name: Desert
Push your fingernails into the sand. This is no playground, this lonely land. Come with a bucket, leave on your hands, and another year rolls along. I come for a favor. I've come to ask you to do for me all that I can't seem to do. A century bloom for an everyday sum, an opera out of your whispering stone. You can scream at the sky, it won't recognize. Lick your own tears: the well, it's run dry. Run in circles and ask yourself why you keep going back to the desert for a drink.
Track Name: Crutches
A toast to the sorrow. Here's to the pain! They cradle the love and the endless joy in their cast iron frame. What did you wish for? Did it come true? Or did it fade to the back like so many memories you knew? "Therein lies the difference between me and you," he said. "You keep on looking for answers, but I'll keep my crutches. I'll bet you a dollar to your dime, you can keep what's yours. I'll stay here with mine." A turn on the headstone. Cheers from the grave! Throw it all to the grinding wheel 'til there's nothing left to save. When the day turns to nightfall, we shuffle the floor; inconceivable just to go to sleep without reaching for some more. It's the faintest line 'tween your world and mine, but it may as well be an ocean. You're looking for answers all the time. I'll throw your words right back at you, paint this jail cell ceiling blue, and call you a liar for seeing the world outside.
Track Name: Lonesome Game
Saw your old friend in the city. We meet from time to time. We have a bite to eat. We have a glass of wine. We sit and talk about the things we've been up to. No, I don't recall her asking anything about you. She had a call about some party that was going down. Some new crowd was coming, some guy from out of town. No, I don't remember if she said his name. I had to head on home. It was getting late. If you want you know that I could always say hello. I'll admit I'd rather see it go another way. If she should ask I'd like to tell that you are doing really well with me. Well I gotta go, I guess I'll see you see you 'round the street sometime. I'm pretty busy but you know you can call anytime. Just remember when you play the lonesome game, I might be around. It's never too late.